About JoAnn

Family is my highest personal priority. After teaching high school students for several years, I stayed home with my children when they were young. I treasured and enjoyed this time. In time, as with many families, I went back to work, balancing the emotional, physical, and social needs of my family with my other roles outside of the home.

I have been a Woodbury resident since 1974. I have taught vocational education, established internships, and led school and community projects. I have been an active community volunteer, leading two successful bond issues: we rallied 1,000 volunteers and supported the construction of much-needed school facilities. I have held leadership roles in my university, our public schools, our church, and in neighborhood organizations. In 1994 I completed a Master of Arts in Education with a focus on Learning and Human Development Technology -- Human Resource Development. I have extensive training and experience in collaborative decision-making and conflict management, specifically Baldridge Performance Excellence and Restorative Justice. These practices can be invaluable in creating and nurturing efficient and effective systems, like education, health care, and the economy.

My three children have done well because they grew up in a state and in a community that worked. As adults they have all returned to live in the Twin Cities. My husband, Joe, retired from 3M and is now co-owner of a small high-tech business. Jennie is a Harvard-educated freelance theater director and teacher; Dan is a Software Quailty Manager for Medtronic. Christopher is an emergency department doctor in the Fairview system. Joe and I have six grandchildren, and I want them, and all of our children, to have a bright future.

Brief Resume


Public Office
  • Elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2012
  • Re-elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2014
  • Running for 2016 re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives
Business Community
  • Sold residential real estate for almost 14 years and gained experience with business, education, housing, and communities throughout the metro area as an Executive Sales Associate. "Understanding the quality of life issues that residents are seeking is key to maintaining and improving the positive aspects of life Minnesota is noted for. High quality, rigorous education in our schools is a top priority for people moving to MN."
Professional Education Work
  • Led the South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council as Executive Director for nine years ending in 2010.
    • Restorative Justice Guide at Lincoln Center Elementary. Worked with referred students (small groups and individuals) every day to guide them as they developed crucial life skills: communication, problem solving, independent thinking, resilience, vision and purpose. With the early interventions provided by the Restorative Justice Guides, the whole school became healthier; discipline issues declined significantly every year; and academic performance improved.
    • Created and ran the annual Peace Camp for 4-7th graders from South St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights, and West St. Paul. This summer day camp centers around activities designed to nurture listening and communication skills, as well as awareness of and respect for other people and for the environment. Young people experience nature, friendship, practical life skills, healthy decision-making, loving mentorship from adults of diverse ages, and respect for themselves and others. The curriculum for Peace Camp follows the anti-bullying program, Operation Respect.
  • Managed and led Partners for Quality program for the Minnesota Department of Education, through the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation
  • Consulted for multiple school districts (including 281 and 833) as an independent HR Education consultant
  • Taught High School - 3 years (licensed for general sciences, English literature, and home economics)



  • Top Sales Associate (Real Estate)
  • Service award from the Youth Service Bureau for service to the youth and the organization
  • Recognition for initiating a Restorative Justice summer camp
  • Recognized by the Dakota County Attorney for service to youth; presented at the CPAC (Crime Prevention Advisory Committee) annual recognition meeting